Mission, Vision & Philosophy


Zenith University College aims at providing high quality education of international standard and recognition by creating an environment that stimulates and challenges students to fully explore their intellectual and human potential.

Zenith University College further aims at equipping students with skills and attitudes that will assist them to apply the knowledge they acquire in meeting challenges posed by the global economy, poverty in developing countries and developmental issues. It is our mission to make our students function in a competitive global economy.


Zenith University College's vision is to become one of the leading regional Universities in Africa for research, knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination.


Zenith University College believes in the philosophy of borderless higher education. We believe higher education should be accessible to all students with high academic potential. Students should be able to pursue programmes of their choice irrespective of the part of the world they are. We believe this is the way forward if students are to acquire knowledge that prepares them to face the challenges of today's global economy and the multifaceted political, social and cultural setting that continuously shape our local, national and international environment.