President's Message

I am pleased to welcome you to Zenith University College. Zenith University College offers you an opportunity of a life time to realize your career and higher education aspirations. This website provides you with information on the various rich and rewarding pathways for career and personal development at Zenith University College. The University offers a wide range of professional and academic courses with day, evening and weekend study options.

In all our programmes, you will find outstanding teaching and subject delivery in an encouraging and supportive environment. Members of the administrative and academic teams of the University are professionals in their various fields of specialization and bring real-world expertise to the classroom.

Because we at Zenith University College recognize the depth of our students' commitment to continuing their education and enhancing their careers, we have provided suitable study schedules that allow busy professionals and full time workers to realise their academic ambition. We have also put in more effort to make our courses and programmes available to people with other career, family and social commitments. We offer programmes of high quality and international repute at a fraction of what it would normally cost you elsewhere.

Whatever course and programme you want to study or pursue, we are confident that we will go beyond your expectations and you will benefit immensely from the time spent at Zenith University College.


 We look forward to having you join our community of learners and researchers and to expose you to varied options and exciting opportunities. A warm friendly welcome awaits you at Zenith University College. Every new applicant is given dedicated attention and guidance in the choice of your programmes with a view to ensuring that the right career decision is made.

You are now faced with a quality choice towards a pathway that can help you build a successful career. So why not take some few moments to complete our application forms, it could be the most far-reaching career move you will ever make.