Graduate Programmes

Zenith University College’s graduate programs have a life-long tradition of producing professionals, researchers and leaders who have a major impact on the world.
The decision to introduce an MBA program by ZUC, is a natural response to the needs of the large pool of human resources seeking to add to their store of knowledge in various aspects of Management and Administration. The MBA degree has, in recent times, becomes the degree of choice for most post-graduate students, including working senior managers and administrators wanting to enhance their chances of moving up the management and organizational hierarchy, and obtaining an educational experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else.
The Institution has taken up the challenge to offer opportunities for prospective applicants in the areas of General Management, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Finance and Banking. Postgraduate programs are run by the School of Research and Graduate Studies, directed at producing versatile students, delivering quality Post Graduate education, and cultivating their ability to adapt to the dynamics of the business world.

• General Management
• Marketing
• Human Resource Management
• Banking and Finance